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    Canvas.addChild() - objects overwritting eachother???

    tonymorsey Level 1
      In Actionscript - I'm trying to us a Canvas object to paste multiple objects such as textarea, ColumnChart, Legend, and Labels using Canvas.addChild(objectname). I started by adding 2 textarea objects and when I send the Canvas to the printer, the 2 textareas are overlaying/overwriting each other. How do I add these objects and have them appear sequential - one right after the other? What am I missing here?

      Here is the current code:

      private function doPrint():void {
      var pj:PrintJob = new PrintJob();
      var pagesToPrint:uint = 0;
      if (pj.start()) {
      var myCanvas:Canvas = new Canvas();
      myCanvas.setStyle('backgroundColor', '#FFFFFF');
      myCanvas.height = 2000;
      myCanvas.percentHeight = 100;