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    Exporting PDF results in inconsistent Colours in inDesign


      Hi Everyone!


      I'm trying to export a document for digital print which consists primarily of a embeded PSD.


      I have two spreads, one with objects on top of the PSD file and one without. The PSD backgrounds on these two spreads are nearly identical, but when I export to PDF, one seems to convert to CMYK while the other remains RGB. They both have the same profiles in PS. I've tried various settings and can't seem to fix this.


      I notices that if I place objects on top of the first spread, it renders the same as the second. Here is the result in the PDF:




      That is the same corner of the same spread, and the only change I made is I added the object on top (beige area) but you can see the colour has clearly rendered completely differently. Why in the world is inDesign doing this? Please help.