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    cannot download flashplayer !!!!!!!!!!


      Why? I keep getting message to close internet explorer but it is never open! I have downloaded the install application 1000x and closed all applications but contiue to get the same message regardless of what I do. I have looked at 1000 forums and still no solutions to my problem. What is wrong with Adobe flashplayer. It is not my firewall either obtw so don't even go there. I cannot unsinstall older version of flashplayer because I get the same message to close internet explorer so I am between a rock and a hardspot because I cannot see any video whatsoever due to this issue I have had for over 2 weeks. What is the problem?

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          pwillener Level 8

          The problem is that you need to close all instances of Internet Explorer, even if it's running in the background; see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1199361


          The easiest solution is to download the installer to your local disk, then restart Windows and run the installer before doing anything else.

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            jamemon Level 1





            Thanks for the suggestions, but so far no go, despite being able to uninstall the older version and install the latest (11.9..)version of AFP. I can receive audio but no video and keep getting prompted to download the latest version of adobe FP every time I try to open CNN video, You Tube, etc. So far I have:


            ·         Closed all IE windows per your suggestion and it worked but after downloading the AFP latest version I still could not see video of any kind using IE or Google Chrome


            ·         Tried uninstalling and re-installing the latest version of AFP and still had the same result.


            ·         Saved download to flash drive and ran it from there – no luck.


            ·         Re-booted after installation and uninstall – no luck.


            ·         Checked all processes to be sure nothing was interfering with download of AFP and that worked. I was able to complete the installation but it would not work once it was downloaded after several attempts.




            I’m stumped. I’ve been using this laptop for 2 years and never had a problem with video up until a couple weeks ago. It just disappeared, yet when I went into Programs, it was still in my applications – so, AFP was always present and working just fine….and then all of the sudden for no reason, it wouldn’t allow me to see video of any kind. My antivirus works fine and have never had a problem with malaware or any other bugs.





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              Mike M Level 6

              Download the following files by right clicking and selecting "Save target as".

              Flash Player Uninstaller

              Flash Player for ActiveX (Internet Explorer)

              Save these files to your Downloads folder - DO NOT RUN anything yet.

              Reboot your system.

              BEFORE opening anything else, go to your Downloads folder and run the UNINSTALLER to remove all instances of Flash Player.

              Next, run the ActiveX Installer.


              Note: Google Chrome has its own "proprietary" build of Flash Player (called "PepperFlash") which is modified by, and embedded by, Google, not Adobe. It cannot be updated or reinstalled via Adobe. It functions independently of the ActiveX plugin used by Internet Explorer.

              If you're unable to view videos with either browser, the problem most likely lies outside of the plugins and the browsers.

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                jamemon Level 1



                ThanksŠand I already tried that option. I had a friend look it over and he

                went into my setting and selected ³re-set² to the original factory IE

                settings and it worked! It was that simple. He thinks is was some sort of

                Malaware issue that caused the glitch in Flashplayer. Anyway, something to

                consider for future I suppose. Thanks for your time and assistance.



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                  Mike M Level 6

                  Glad to hear it.  Some testing I've done with Win 7 and 8 has shown that upgrading form IE9 to 10 and from 10 to 11, enables (or re-enables) ActiveX filtering automatically, and it must be disabled for a lot of Flash content to display properly or even at all.