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    BlazeDS country specific connection Problems

    Johann Regier

      Hello everybody,


      we have a Flash Webshop Application with BlazeDS Service, which works fine in Germany and many countries and even in China over a Akamai Cloud.


      But a strange issue we have connection problems from Finland, UK and AT - sometimes also from Italy and  hapens sporadically in certain times, where the connection is slow and the Application show connection timeout problems. We have also IBM provider logs with timeouts after 8 second ( ERR_NETWORK_RESET ) and other messages about 502 Gateway timeout.


      We have done also some analysis at Akamai and there we get connection timeouts from Server.

      What in the world could be the Problem with this countries / country routings ?

      Some Experts have checked the Problem and never find what it could be.


      Here some Datails of our architecture.


      We have an LoadBalancer with 6 Server behind and some times about 1000 Users per Server. I know the blazeDS support 100 concurrent connections.

      We use at the Moment BlazeDS 3.1 ( maybe i don't remember info or 3.2 ) and will updated at next to BlazeDS 4.0.1.xx and enabled Logging.

      Where we can start to search: maybe we have reached the maximum of connections ? But only from Finland ?


      On Client Side:

      We have used a default RemoteObject with default 3 Seconds polling enabled with a single AMF channel.

      We use Flex SDK 3.6

      I don't know may be here we have some wrong configurations - but this would not explain the problems with this countries.


      Thanks and best Regards