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    Indesign CC problem with rules

    kurmels Level 1

      I am used to work with paragraph rules when I have to to highlight text in documents.

      Now, in InDesign CC, I have to deal with a strange problem – trying to select the characters in text, the selection is visible in another place. The characters, however, are indeed selected, but it can not be seen correctly.Screen Shot.png


      Here is what I do step by step:

      1. write a line of text

      2. apply paragraph rule so that it covers the text entirely (for example, for 10pt text I would make rule about 20pt thick)

      3. change the left indent to any value but zero and/or change the paragraph alignment to centred or flush right.


      Now, if I try to select the text characters the text is selected as if it would still be left aligned with no indent. It means, I can not know if I have selected the text correctly. (I even tested this by selecting the text and then setting the indent to zero and alignment to left, and then the selection is in the correct place.)


      I have tried to "cure" this via idml file, but it gives no result. Even when trying this in new document it makes the same problem.


      My guess is that this is in some way concerned with fact that InDesign in Mac now uses system-wide text selection.


      I have InDesign CC 9.1 on Mac OS X 10.8.5