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    After Effects and DNxHD 444

    Tuffmann Level 1

      Hi there,


      actually this problem was already discussed in this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1169388

      As I didn't want to grave-dig an old thread, I thought I'd make a new one to keep things organized.


      Because even after reading through the whole Thread, I'm not really sure what I get in the end.

      As stated in this Thread, I get weird colored lines (like a badly printed CMYK picture) when I render to DNxHD 444 with Trillions of Colors (which is 10bit, as I'd assume). Everything's fine when I render in Millions of Colors (8bit) though.


      Now when I import the DNxHD 444 file back into AE, it still says it's Trillions of colors which is no surprise as the Codec is always 10bit, if I rendered in 2bit or 32bit.

      However, I tested this a bit e.g against ProRes4444 with a simple ramp, and there wasn't really any banding or so (1920x1080 comp, from black to white, at 32bit). Now is there a possibility it still might be 10bit? Or is there no possibilty, whatsover?

      What if I imported the AE comp into Premiere and rendered from there, would that be native 10bit then?


      I really want to get away from ProRes in my workflow, and DNxHD 444 would be a great alternative.