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    ID CS6 — Alt + Pg UP/DOWN = Zoom Out?

    Studio57NL Level 1

      Hi all,


      I am experiencing some weird behaviour with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, ID CS6, latest Wacom 6.37-3 drivers (Intuos4).


      It happens when I press Alt-Page Up/Down to navigate through the pages. When I keep Alt pressed and hover the pen over the tablet ID zooms out from 'Fit Page in Window' (Cmd-0) to 50% view, while keeping Alt pressed and hover pen back over the tablet ID zooms out again to 12,5%.


      Something is definitely triggering the Alt + hover pen over tablet combo. When I release Alt ID doesn't zoom out when I hover the pen over my tablet.


      I tried downgrading the Wacom drivers to the previous version 6.36-4 and trashing ID's prefs but no luck. So for now releasing the Alt key seems to be the workaround.


      Does anyone know where I can check for used key combo's? Maybe Alt + hover pen is somewhere logged as such.