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    indesign cs6 hidden text field data disappears


      Hi All,


      please tell me there is a simple solution to my problem, I appologise if this has already been posted but couldn't find it in the postings.


      Goal: I want to create a handout for my students as an interactive pdf format where there are two columns. The first column has textfields where they can type in their solution (and later save the pdf for their own reference). The second column has the help textfields in which I have put in hints and solutions to the task, these are initially hidden from view and the students can press a button to display the help fields one by one as needed.


      What I am using: On both windows 7 pro 64bit and windows 8.1 64bit using registered copies Indesign cs6 fully updated. 4gb RAM i7 processors


      What I am doing:


      1. Creating a text box.

      2. adding text to the box.

      3. Right-clicking on the textbox and choosing interactive > convert to text field

      4. Changing the default to hidden until triggered

      5. add text to the new text field via the text tool

      6. creating a button from the sample buttons and forms pane

      7. selecting the button to show the text field on tap

      8. exporting as a interactive pdf

      9. opening it up in acrobat x pro (10.1.1)

      10. clicking the button


      what I get is a blank text field all of the text i had written in on step 5 has gone.


      Please help me solve this I have lost half my hair already. I think I have tried every combination on the button optipons to no avail