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    Moving a video to Iphone or Adobe Revel using 12


      Okay, I've made video I would like to put on my Iphone.  I first tried to put it on Revel and clicked "Publish Share" and the "Private Web Album" choice.  It made a movie clip file that is about 375 meg.  I tried to drag and drop the file to my mobile album in Organizer but it won't add in.  There is a small upload icon at the bottom of the screen that never stops circling.


      I then chose "mobile phones and players."  It made an MP4 that is 21 meg.  I tried to add it to my Iphone using Itunes and it shows to be there on Itunes but it is not in my video folder on my phone.


      I just need to get oriented on how to do this.  Where do I find instructiions?