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    Install problems under Vista

      First I installed Captivate 3 trial on Vista. It worked fine, I was using a non-Admin-account (but with granted admin rights). When the trial expired I decided to buy the Technical Communication Suite and the trouble began. I installed it and activated FrameMaker successfully. FrameMaker, Acrobat and RoboHelp startup successfully, but Captivate always comes up with "trial expired".

      After several install/remove/install cycles I figured out that I cannot get rid of the "trial expired" screen in Captivate unless I use "Start as Administrator" from the Windows file explorer context menu. When I login as (the one and only) Administrator no problem arises. Now Captivate works also under the regular account, but asks on every startup if I would allow to start it with Administrator rights.

      Even worse is that on right clicks (e.g. to the start icon) Acrobat install starts and tries to configure something.

      Could somebody please help me? I guess there should be just some left-over files or registry entries which must be corrected.

      I have a Production Suite CS3 installation on the same PC and I'm not that happy with the recommendation of Adobe Tech Support just to remove everything from my PC and install everything from scratch. It's like telling me "go and get a new PC". This is a very bad buyers experience, you buy something and feel punished...
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi there netsuxxess and welcome to our community

          Sorry you are having issues. First off, note that I'm not an Adobe employee. In fact, they rarely visit here. Occasionally they will if we ask them to. Or they look in for a short period after a new product release. But other than that, we are pure user-to-user support.

          The fact is, you have the Technical Communication Suite. This is a package of four components (FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate and Acrobat Pro 3D) that have been designed to work together. So you have special versions of each that are only available by purchasing the suite. As you apparently downloaded the stand alone trial of Captivate only, I'm guessing that is causing the issue with the operation of it as opposed to other suite components.

          I know it probably won't sit well with you, but you should probably try Adobe's suggestion of uninstalling to start over. However, I'm not sure I'd suggest uninstalling everything. I'd probably try the following approach.

          Uninstall the TCS.
          Install the Captivate 3 trial, then uninstall it. (It wasn't clear if you performed an uninstall of the Captivate 3 trial prior to installing the TCS. As the TCS and the stand alone verison are different, I'm thinking that if you simply installed the TCS without first uninstalling the trial, this could be what caused the issue. So I'm suggesting a special uninstall of the trial only in the hopes that it will help cure the issue)
          Reinstall the TCS and hopefully things will be better.

          If that fails to work, you are probably in for a call to support to help unravel and correct the issue.

          I know it's a pain, but Adobe is huge with a vast array of products. Many products (such as Captivate) were acquired from other companies. So I'm sure that Adobe is still today working to make them coexist more seamlessly. You have many different departments involved. For example, even with simple stand alone Captivate, another department handles the installation bits. So it's quite possible that some routine with installation isn't all that familiar to even the staff handling the actual product development.

          Hopefully something here was helpful... Rick
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            netsuxxess Level 1
            Hi Rick,

            thanks for your reply. Basically I did what you described, many times in many variations (e.g. using the Admin account, using a regular account etc). Things described in my first message were the final result - at least it works but rather ugly.

            While I recognize that Adobe is a huge company, I cannot except that poor quality. Adobe's products are by no means cheap, so as a customer I expect that they at least cooperate with other Adobe products in a current, standard operating system. I'm working for years with e.g. Camtasia and I never had such integration problems. There's an installer, and if this installer finds something it does not expect, it could provide a useful message or simply correct the problem. In my opinion this installer has NEVER been tested thoroughly. Why does the deinstaller not remove everything? Or why does the installer not check everything the application depends on? I don't like software that ruins a working system.

            Usually support people try to blame the user and tell him to reinstall everything. I tried this approach many times, spending days and weeks to get the same system up again, finding that the problem was something completely different. So I'm very skeptic if somebody tries to play that "reinstall everything" card on me. For me it's just a sign that the software engineers (BTW, I'm one myself) don't know what they are doing. I spend 30 minutes yesterday on the phone just to find somebody at Adobe telling me "reinstall everything, hopefully that helps". What should make me believe that reinstalling everything should be better than reinstalling just the two components (Captivate Trial, TechSuite), except that it takes some hours? As I wrote, the problem has to do with the Admin account: Run as admin = no trial screen, run as normal user with admin rights = trial screen.

            And I remember well that the Premiere CS3 trial had very similar problems, so Adobe didn't really learn from that.

            I cannot understand such ignorance. There's somebody out that installs the trial, decides to spend money on the full version and has nothing but trouble thereafter. Would you expect such a customer ever to return or recommend the products to others?

            Thanks again for your reply and a happy new year,