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    book color and size on indb pdf


      Help needed please

      The problem started when my 8x10 abridged PB version arrived and the colors are way off with a strong magenta cast.

      I used CMYK just like before but THIS time I followed the printers instructions and didn't make any changes to the PDF/X-1a:2001 presets like last time when I printed my HB 8x10 with premium digital color.

      On the HB I used bicubic downsampling and jpeg2000 compression with coated GRACol 2006 destination.

      On my PB I used bicubic downsampling with jpeg because jpeg2000 it was still too large to upload, and I left the destination as CMYK.

      I was prepared for the void lines that come from the inkjet versus digital printing but I was NOT prepared for the pinkish tint color throughout- heck even the cover.

      With the high revision & proof charges experimenting with just changing it to the coated destination to view another proof, is not really an option.

      I was considering changing the dimensions WITHOUT reformatting the entire 200+ pages using InDesign or Adobe. (The PB doesn't have the index like the HB, but all the pics to line up near the text referring to it) None of the other sizes are an exact aspect ratio but at this point I don't even know if exporting or re-saving the pdf lets me change the size output. I've found a multipage importer but I was hoping some of you had ideas and advice on changing the dimensions in either program.

      Do any of you know if the coated GRACol over plan CMYK would've made that much difference in the color?

      Do any of you know how to change the size in output from Indesign or in Adobe without having to reformat 200+ pages?