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    After upgrading to CF10, the selected row of my cfgrid is no longer passed on form post.


      I have a cfform which contains a cfgrid and prior to the 9 to 10 update, upon submission of the cfform, the selected row of the grid was passed/posted to my form action page as:




      This contained all the data from the selected row, I.e.:





      After upgrading to CF10, and with no changes to the code, performing this same process, __CFGRID__gridForm__renewalGrid is still passed in the form scope to my action page, but now it is empty.


      I have not yet uninstalled CF9, so I brought it up on a different port, and I can run the same code as CF9 or CF10 and watch... in 9 the selected row is passed, in 10 it is empty.


      Is this a bug? Is there a work around? Please help.