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    Booklet printing issue (MAC Indesign CS5)


      Hello all I'm having an issue printing booklets from a Lexmark x954e MFD . I cannot get it to fold and staple with the correct image size or Orientation . Below are all the steps I have taken so far to try and resolve this issue .


      OS : 10.8.3

      Printer : Lexmark x954e Latest drivers and firmware .

      Application : Indesign CS5

      Document setup : Half-legal


      Attempt 1 : Bypassing the print booklet option and just using "print" I set the paper size to half-legal . Oreintation , fold and staple are perfect . Image size is small about 3 inches of blank space on each side.



      Attempt 2 : Using booklet printing option Set to legal . 2-up saddle stitch centered and fold and staple option enabled in the printer features . The orientation and size are incorrect . It will print 2 pages on one side even when spreads are unchecked. The preview looks perfect but does not come out as such .



      I have tried multiple other options but pretty much leads to either 1 of these 2 results . Either it prints in the incorrect oreintation and 2 spreads per half sheet or prints the correct orientation but the size is very small . If i set the printer to do booklet printing but not fold and staple it comes out the correct size and orientation . I need help spent hours trying to figure this out