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    Quoted Regular Expression

    FlightGuy Level 1
      Hello All,

      I'm trying to use the RegExp class in a search routine, in which I want to match each word typed by a user to the start of a word in the text. This means I need a regular expression like /\bexpr/i for example, to match the word expression - well the start of it, anyway.

      The problem I have is taking the prefix entered by the user ("expr") and making it part of the regexp. Assuming the variable is userPrefix, I can do something like

      var re:RegExp = new RegExp("\\b" + userPrefix, "i");

      This works fine as long as the user doesn't type any magic characters. If the user types "\", for example, I'm left with an invalid RE. Java has a static method Pattern.quote(), or something like that, that takes the literal and makes it just a literal from the point of view of the regexp pattern compiler.

      Does anyone know if there's a similar utility for AS3?