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    Dual monitor issue in CC

    Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I've finally loaded IDCC on my work machine and started using it (skipped from CS4 to CC). So far, I like it very much.


      I have noticed a minor annoyance though.


      When I have ID open on my left monitor and go to open a new file, it always appears on my right monitor. At first it is centered as if opening within an application frame, but them it flashes and is pushed off the screen further to the right and down so about 1/4 of the document is viewable.


      I can move it to the left monitor without issue (as I said it's a minor annoyance). IDCS4 opens files on the application frame in the left monitor without issue using the same basic settings in the preferences.


      I'm wondering if this is happening to others, or if I have to edit some more settings somewhere?


      Windows 7


           Window Docking disabled

           Open as tabs disabled

           ID Application Frame Maximized to left monitor


      Any thoughts?