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    Why Photoshop Crashes with Cintiq 24HD  ???


      Hi there


      I've recently bought a Cintiq 24 HD screen tablet to work on digital art, but after getting it installed, when opening any Photoshop version, it crashes inmediately.



      I'm using Windows 7 updated properly, and also tried several Cintiq 24HD drivers.


      The versions that crash are CS5 , CS5.1 and CS6. The rest of adobe programs work just fine, but Photoshop shows a "Photoshop had an error and must be closed" message as soon as it boots.I cannot even see the interface.


      Also, don't know if it serves as reference, but the video player VLC started crashing exactly in the same way as Photoshop, after installing the Cintiq.


      Strange that one of the best devices is crashing with one of the programs that are actually intended for.


      Hope someone can help or at least give some information if they had the same issue.


      Thanks !!!