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    Convert/join multiple file formats (doc, pdf, text) into 1 single PDF/A using web services

    boyan100 Level 1

      We would like to purchase LiveCycle for the PDF Generator feature, but we want to know if it will meet our technical requirements.


      We would like to convert a PDF, an HTML, a DOCX, and some custom text into 1 single PDF/A. Basically: joining 3 different files types and some text into 1 very long PDF/A file. Can we do this type of join?

      Also, we would like to install LiveCycle on a central server and then call a web service or use an API where we can input the 3 different files and the text and as output we would get 1 PDF/A back. Obviously there might be intermediary steps, but in essence we need to be able to do this conversion from our custom code by calling some LiveCycle API.