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    Unique table of content for several documents


      Hi folks,


      In Indesign CS6 I'm creating several documents that have all the same paragraph style that I want to use as "reference" for a unique table of contents. How can I do it?


      Now I have somethingh like this:



      doc1.indd (starts with page number 1)


      COD1     ITEM1

      COD2     ITEM2



      doc2.indd (starts with page number 2)


      COD3     ITEM3

      COD4     ITEM4



      The filed "code" has always the same paragraph style in all the document. I would have a separete document, eg. doc3.indd, that contains the table of contents of the two files above. Like this:






      Table of contents


      Code     Item          Page

      COD1     ITEM1          1

      COD2     ITEM2          1

      COD3     ITEM3          2

      COD4     ITEM4          2



      Many thanks in advance