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    Advice Please - PowerPoint Automation


      First of all -- congratulations on what seems to be a great community here at Adobe.

      Some advice please. With what applications should I create a web application that (in it's simplest form):

      1) Remote Client uploads an Excel Spreadsheet with data (1000 rows by 30 columns)
      2) Server performs calculations on that data.
      3) Server creates a PowerPoint presentation based on the calculated data.
      4) Server downloads PowerPoint presentation to remote user

      The process (post upload) would need to be automated to be of value. In other words, today I receive the email manually and then manually kick off the Excel/Powerpoint automation. The real opportunity is automating via the web.

      Probably easy stuff for this crew. But way beyond my meager skills.

      I know your time is valuable. Thanks in advance for any direction you may have.




      1) I do not want to create a massive enterprise-wide just-in-case database. This would not be a persistent database. Once the presentation is complete the data can go away.
      2) The next remote user would have a similar but different set of data (i.e. different market or period
      3) The charting does not need to be resident on the web page itself.
      4) I am not married to PowerPoint or Excel but the charts would need to satisfy the following user requirements:
      --a) The user needs to be able to tweak the charts and text
      --b) The user needs to be able to print and email the slides
      --c) The user needs to be able to present (in a slideshow mode) from a laptop / projector combination
      5) This would probably receive 2-20 requests per day. With no external control as to when. In theory, all 20 individuals could upload an Excel file at the same time.