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    shrink/grow mask

    1st air cav

      I have a older graphics program called Picture Publisher. I used this for years until I eventually moved over to PS. The grow / shrink mask tool in PP is easy to use but I cannot figure out how to do this in PS. Take the letter B in the upper left corner. I can use the mask tool on the B and shrink it, leaving me with the outline of the B. I can shrink or grow the mask by indicating how many pixols to shrink or grow. For the life of me I can't seem to do this in PS. Presently I do it in PP then open the graphic in PS wher I can then use it. Is there a way to accomplish this in PS?

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Good question. You would think between the options here you could do that, but you cannot.


          Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 12.33.52 PM.png


          1. Command click on mask -  to make selection based upon mask.
          2. select >> modify >> Expand/contract
          3. fill with black/white
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            1st air cav Level 1

            is this option in PS CS5? I can't seem to find this refine mask. There is a refine edge but this does not open to the properties window.

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              1st air cav Level 1

              Thanx but i'm still in the dark. I'll keep trying. Mostly I keep hitting

              buttons till it starts to act right. I've never had any training using PP

              or PS. Pretty much just play with it until i hit the right button and yell

              eureka I got it. This was the first time I had used the forum for an

              answer. Thanx again.

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                Earth Oliver Level 3

                with a layer mask selected, you can also use Filter/Other/Min or Max to expand or contract a mask.

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                  1st air cav Level 1

                  Thanx, that answer was exactly what I have been looking for. That shrinking

                  and expanding of a mask was one of the things I had not been able to figure

                  out. I pretty much trained myself using Picture Publisher and it has been a

                  bit trying at times to accomplish the same in PS. Going from one software

                  to another without the understanding of the logic is, well it strains the

                  mind. I enjoy PS and it has so much more that can be done with it. I don't

                  really use PS for photos. I scan ink drawing into it and then I use the

                  computer to color and manipulate the drawings. I don't do it for a job. I

                  pretty much use it to annoy my friends and as a hobby. Thanks again. The

                  expanding and contracting mask had been driving me nuts for some time. As i

                  said this was the first time I have use the forum and I will include it

                  into my resource box rather than banging my head against the wall. [image:

                  Inline image 1]

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                    Doug.S Level 3

                    Before mask is created, you can use the menu/selection/  to add/increase or reduce the selection, (by your choice of the number of pixels) then convert that to a mask, or when you choose 'add an adjustment layer', the selection will automatically create the mask on the new adjustment layer.

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                      it's awesome! thank you!