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    forms formatting limitation


      Hello! This is my first post.


      I am considering purchasing the 'pro' version of forms but I need to know if I can do what I need with that before I buy it.


      The free version so far has limited my formatting abilities, and for reference I am not a programmer/designer/formatter, just a guy who wants to create a decent looking form.


      My layout:

      One jpg that covers the entire left half of the form, from top to bottom.

      On the right side, I am trying to add many multiple choice fields which correspond to parts of the jpg.


      My problem:

      I cannot insert different fields vertically, on top of one another. The online version only allows me to put them next to eachother. Ideally, I would have one multiple choice field with a header with 7 multiple choice options, and below that another field with another header and 7 more options, ad nauseum.


      Please help, I would like to know how to proceed quickly.

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          Brian Havlin Adobe Employee



          FormsCentral doesn't "natively" support the layout that you describe above. One option, that may not work depending on the content of your image, is to break up the image to generate a number of slices that can be used with the row-based layout used in FormsCentral. For example:


          [ image slice 1 ] [ choice field 1]

          [ image slice 2 ] [ choice field 2]