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    Is there a way to keep vector graphics when exporting in epub format?

    slayerofgiants Level 1

      I'm relatively new to e-books, to the epub format, and to indesign.  I am trying use InDesign to create an ebook with a number of vector based diagrams created in Illustrator.  I know that the epub standard allows for the use of svg vector images, but I cannot find a way to bring thes svg files into InDesign for use in my epub document.  I can bring the AI file in directly, but when exporting to the epub format, the AI file is not preserved as a scalable vector image in the epub document.  It is converted to a png file.  Is there a way to directly import svg files and have their scalable vector data intact when exporting to epub?  Or is there a setting where AI files can be converted to svg files as an option in exporting to an epub format?


      I have not found any way to use InDesign to put vector images into epub documents.


      If anyone has an idea of what I might try, let me know.