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    Numbering Problem

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      I have a  document that will need to number. It is going to be a three part job that will be printing with different copy on each of the three parts. One part says white copy w/ instructions, one says yellow copy w/ instructions and the third says pink copy w/ instructions. I want to set the document up so I have page 0001, 0001, 0001, 0002, 0002, 0002, 0003, 0003, 0003, and so on until I reach page 1000, 1000, 1000.  So I will end up with a 3000 page document. I currently have three seperate files set up numbered  0001 to 1000. I thought about makeing pdf files from each file and placing in order but it is extremely time consuming and is bogging down my computer. Can anyone come up with a better solution for me? I am using a Fiery rip to impose the file and print it multiple up but I need the numbers in order in the file first.


      Working in InDesign CS5.5.


      Thanks in Advance!


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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          I can guarantee that this will choke the Fiery.

          I sent a similair 150 page document yesterday that processed for an hour.


          I've read about this, probably in this forum or at InDesignSecrets.


          This will speed things up -


          Your have static elements - the form body, and dynamic/variable, the numbering.


          Create a doc with only the 3 body pages. Print/Process and Hold to the Fiery - on the VDP (Variable tab), set - Create Master

          You have stored these in the Fiery


          Do you plan to use uncollated paper from three trays or precollated?

          Is collating by hand an option? That would really make this easier.

          I have to ponder marrying the three unique numbers...

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            Daniel, Thank you for replying!


            It probably will slow it down. The file size is only 4.25 x 5.5. They are small forms so I am hoping it will not be to bad.


            We are going to use precollated. I should have specified that I numbered in InDesign & know how to use the impose feature in the Fiery so that they print in the correct order on the precollated sheets but I need to get the pages into the same file, numbering in the right order without dropping them in individually. It is too time consuming.


            I was a bit confused on the VDP tab and creating the master. Does that do some kind of numbering? I am unfamiliar with it.

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              Daniel Flavin Level 4

              The VDP tab stores information negating the need to process it.

              You are prepping to send 750 pages to your Fiery. It will choke. By using the VDP (variable data print) you send/store (in this instance) a 3 page file, small & compact, very little raster data.

              The numbering document would be sent using, from the VDP tab, Use Master, (in your case, #1)


              You will effectively send your numbering, 1000 sets, divided by 4 up = 250 x 3 part -  750 pages, but only the numbering...very small amount of RIP data.


              I would set up a data merge using a "skip 4" numbering format.


              What i have not yet tried is multiple page data merges...


              If you were willing to hand collate this, it's simple.


              One numbering document, 750 pages, 3 Print Masters.


              Send the number doc and use Print Master 1, Print & Hold

              From command workstation, change the Properties to use Print Master 2

              Repeat a third time using Print Master 3


              I can send screen shots if this is a viable idea - hand collating...honestly, uncollating 2 reams of stock and recollating or using uncollated stock...

              Or I could ponder the three page numbering to use a three page Print Master


              EDIT - a three page numbering is simply a matter of creating a 3 page doc; setup a data merge on the Master page, create merged document, BOOM, No. 1, No. 1,No. 1, followed by No. 2, No. 2, No. 2,, etc

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                Daniel Flavin Level 4

                This screen shot accomplishes everything

                Top left shows an xlsx document required to create "skip 4 numbering" also referred to as "cut stacks". It uses a simple +1 formula in every row to count by 1; (I also use a + formula in each B, C, D to increase +250)

                Below the top xlsx is the csv required for InDesign's Data Merge.


                For the three part form, ID uses a 3 Master page document, all items are on the master page, nothing on the live pages.


                A hefty CPU will process this, but if there were images, I would go with the VDP approach which would be based on this.



                Data Merge Skip Numbering.JPG