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    Error with "whproxy.js" when launching Help

    Kopriva Level 1

      Hi guys.


      Getting an error on a Win 7 machine trying to open help (she has IE10).  It gives the following error:


      "Object doesn't support property or method 'request'" and then the URL points to the whproxy.js file.  It asks if we want to continuing running scripts, but won't accept either a yes or a no.


      This does not seem to be an IE10 issue - I have another machine on Win 8/IE 10 that opens fine.  AND I have a computer with Win 7 and IE10 that opens fine, too.


      The WEIRDEST thing about this is the message refers to "Line 137, Char 17."  But my "welcome" topic on the project is a simple one with only 26 lines of HTML code!


      Any ideas?