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    Installing CC broke prior versions

    Lady Cygnus Level 1

      Software prior to installing CC:

      - Indesign CS5.5 and CS6

      - Design and Web Premium CS6 (Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, etc)

      - Acrobat Pro X


      All programs worked (no font issues). Tuesday, November 12th I logged into the Cloud, got the little window and Installed Indesign CC. Then updated a couple programs.


      Wednesday I worked for most of the day in ID CC, no problems. Worked in CS6 initially but then had to convert that project to CC. At about 2pm I needed to open a file in Acrobat Pro and it said I needed to buy it. I balked, but then just went ahead and installed XI. Why I needed to install the new program is beyond me.


      At about 4pm a emergency project came up that was in CS6, so I tried opening some of the files. The best way to describe it was that they looked corrupted. They had about 10 font errors and all of the "text" was just the pink highlight along the left edge of the screen (looked like 1 word per line), no actual text was visible. When I copied a line and pasted it into notepad I could see the actual text. Very bizzare.


      It kept saying that Minion Pro was missing - this is a basic font we've used for eaons. Even weirder, I opened Windows/Fonts and Minion Pro wasn't there - then when I tried to install it it said it WAS there. I ended up sticking it in every font folder I could find. Still said it was missing.


      I ended up uninstalling CC to get CS6 to work. I'm currently reinstalling it (because now that 1st project is in CC and Adobe doesn't understand why anyone would want backwards compatibility - jerks)..and hoping for a better day tomorrow.


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