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    responses not showing


      created a survey and sys]tem says there have been 9 responses-I can only see 3 -what is the problem?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          Check and see if a "Filter" is applied - it would look something like this in the toolbar:



          Also, you can look at the "History" using the clock widget near the bottom right corner in case the responses were inadvertantly deleted, although if you see that it says you have 9 and only see 3 a filter is more likely.




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            sm14 Level 1

            No, there didn’t seem to be any filters. Now it says there are 8 responses and only 5 are showing; although the three that are not showing have a ‘time submitted’ but nothing in the fields. If someone filled this out, would it be saved somewhere or would they have to resubmit?



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

              Take a look at this FAQ:



              Did you try looking at the "History"?  If the data was submitted and deleted you should be able to recover using the "History".


              You stated that submissions show a "Time Submitted" but no other data, is it possible the form was submitted with no fields filled in?


              You can share your form with me at jcorey@adobe.com following these instructions and I can see what I see:






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