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    Paint bucket tool after drawing with brush tool



      I am just wondering if there is anyway to paint using the paint bucket tool properly after drawing something using the brush tool. Although I have no gaps anywhere within the outline , there are times where the paint bucket tool doesn't paint.  Another issue I encounter is whenever I try to adjust the shape with the selection tool it either fills a portion of the shape with color and even sometimes makes the shape itself disappear.  Is there a way to only select a small portion of the drawing (like the way it is with pencil tool) as the shapes were done using a couple of strokes instead of just one.

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          You can use use paint bucket tool to change the color of lines drawn with brush.And to be sure that there are no gaps select the line with subselection tool because visually you cannot make out as the gaps are defined in pixels.Also you can select parts of fill region with selection tool if the painting with brush is done in shape mode not object drawing mode.Hope this helps.




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