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    How about NOT installing other junk WITHOUT permission?


      Just updated my flash player and it auto installed the mcafee junk and DID NOT ask before it did.  So I had to hunt down the garbage and get rid of it.  If I wanted another product on my computer, I WOULD PURCHASE IT.  I did not give the installer permission as it did not even ask before just throwing it on my computer.  Unless it has changed, I do not trust any mcafee items.  I have not had good experiences or seen good experiences with them.  So please refrain from just putting things other than what I am updating onto my computer.  I enjoy adobe but can search for other alternatives if needed and this continues to be a trend.  Not exactly happy right now as it makes me wonder what else has been put on my computer by your updaters while I went to get a drink really quick during downloads.  *starts scanning her computer and cleaning it up*