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    HELP! Make batch PDF's or Batch package from multiple files.


      Hi, as the title suggests, I need to find a way of automating the creation of either PDF's from a bunch of Indesign CS6 files. Based on a Macintosh and CS6.



      We make a magazine every month and its files are exported to a certain standard PDF's 1.3 for the printer. This way the transparencies are unflattened. I need the PDF's again for a digital application. it can't handle 1.3. If I could make these as 1.4 my problems would be solved. Alas I need to find a way of batch processing these.



      50 folders each containing 1 x indesign file.

      Need to open, ignore dialgoue warnings, export pdf to folder, close the file, move onto the next folder and then do the same.


      A bit like Apple's Automator.


      Or the other idea...

      Open up the folder, package the folder, close the file and move onto the next folder.


      I know this is a big ask, but wondered if this was possible?


      My only other option is...

      I have 180 PDF's in 1.3 format, can I change the file format to 1.4 and then save? I thought Apples Automator would do this but it doesn't.


      All help is massively appricated.