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    InDesign CC missing fonts


      I have a laptop that I use when I have to work away from home.  My laptop is a macbook pro that I recently purchased (early October 2013).  Both my iMac and macbook have gone through the recent updates to Mavericks and my iMac is working fine with Creative Cloud.  However, when I was trying to open documents I share through Drop Box on my laptop, using InDesign CC that was just upgraded a few days ago, I was told I was missing 3 fonts, all fonts that are always in InDesign.  So I turned off my computer and rebooted it, and now it's telling me I'm missing 9 fonts!  I have to go out of town for a famiy emergency tomorrow and I need my laptop.  I've searched and have no clue how to fix this.  This is a headache I really don't need right now, so any help is much appreciated. 


      These are the missing fonts:

      Bell MT Bold

      BlairMdlTCTT medium

      Book Antiqua Bold

      Bookman Old Style

      Bookman Old Style Bold


      Cooper Black

      Mona Lisa Solid ITCTT

      Big Caslon Medium


      And honestly, I haven't tried uninstalling/reinstalling InDesign CC - is this possible?