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    Master Pages to Control Body Text Styles?


      I think I must not understand Master Pages.


      I want to create a set of text frames on every page in my book. I'd like the frames to be the same on every page, with the same font, size, justification, etc. for each frame (and I'm not threading the text frames from page to page).


      If I try to use Master Pages to set all this up, and then override the master page by pasting different text on each page, I lose the ability to change fonts, font sizes, etc. on all pages at once. Since I've overridden the Master for that text frame, changing the Master no longer affects that text.


      Should I be using a different way to set the font, font size, justification, etc. in the frames on all pages at once? (I'd also like to resize or move those text frames on all pages at once, too, but just pasting text into an overridden Master frame seems to leave me the ability to alter the frame itself.)


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for any help.