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    Data Services included in Flex 2? Help...

      Could someone clarify this for me. I see Flex Builder 2 ($295; though I can qualify for academic version) It is not entirely clear to me as to whether Flex Builder 2 includes Flex Data Services 2, or LiveCycle Data Services ES. I have contacted Adobe but didn't find a person yet that could clarify this for me. I'm sure one or more of you folks can shed some light on this. Thanks so much.
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          peterent Level 2
          Flex Builder does not include LiveCycle Data Services, ES or otherwise. Flex itself does not however, require you to have LCDS. For example, using the Flex HTTPService class you can request and send XML and text data (among others) to standard services provided by most web servers that serve up plain or XML files, or it can be used with PHP, ASP, JSP, etc.

          The Flex WebService class lets you work with SOAP-based services (eg, .NET, Java, etc).

          The Flex RemoteObject allows you to work with binary, ActionScript encoded, data objects. This is most generally used with LC DS, but there are third-party products you can use on the server-side. ColdFusion is one of them.