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    New Videocutsystem for Premiere and AE - Hardware - Software




      we use a XMG Schenker Notebook with Intel i5 and GT660M for our Adobe Creative Cloud.

      Becaurse our fast crowing videoproduktionvolume we need a seperate system. Video exports always brings the Notebook to the 100% limit and slows down all other processes.


      What we have till now:

      Creative Cloud License ; )

      What we need:

      A seperate System that is fast in videoediting, cutting, rendering and export.

      The videofootage is comin from Canon EOS 5D MK III, 600D and Nikon D7000, sometimes GoPro 3. All in 1080, 24fps (sometimes 50/60fps).

      Adobe After Effects is used for damn simple intros and effects, no big show but running often at the same time with Premiere.

      Premiere CC is used for inspect the files, cut, render and export the final results.


      What we know:

      I got basic knowledge and an idea what could fit after research in communities like slashcam and a helpfull call with Adobe technical support.

      And - we don't buy Macs ; )


      Ideas & Questions:


      128gb SSD OS, Premiere, AE

      256gb SSD actual projects

      3TB internal BackUp + NAS and Server for Backup the final results later.

      1TB+ External BackUp directly after recording till project is finished.

      Which SSDs and HDDs should we buy?

      Where to but which Cache etc. files for more speed?



      Windows 7 or Windows 8?

      64Bit for sure?!



      Technical support said 8gb is enough, more than 1600MHz can't be used.

      We thought about 16GB 1600 - so which one to buy?


      CPU, MainBoard, Grafics, special Videocards:

      Hardest topic for us. There are cards like Quadro FX or special optimized "cutting-cards" for Premiere. These cards take work away from the CPU, so maybe a slower one can be used here. But is this saving money and time or mostly nice to have? We aren't Hollywood... and it's not our goal.

      Display is a DELL U2711 (or the next gen model, or something similar). 2560x1440, DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort etc.

      We need help with picking the right CPU on the right MoBo in combination with the right grafiXs card : )



      Without display it should go around 1000-2000 Euros. Focus on the next 2-3 Years without upgrading - if this in realistic in videoproduction?

      I know Quadro FX fit's easily this range alone... but maybe there is an ultimative reason to spend 3000Euros for the whole system...?


      Thanks a ton for your help!