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    Exporting W3D from 3DS Max

      Hi there, it's me again if anyone remembers -- :-P Another exporting problem between Max and Director. This time it's a skinned model, with animation, and the animation isn't playing correctly. Or perhaps you could say it's playing half-correctly, since the left side of the model is perfectly skinned, and the right side -- er -- not.

      Screenshot here.

      It looks to me, as if for some of the bones on the right hand side (left as viewed here, from the front) the transformations seem to be doubled up or distorted, judging by the fact that the model looks fine on both sides in its . home position. The animation also looks fine in 3DS Max.

      I'm guessing the Mirror tool I used to create the bones is what's causing the problem, but how to undo it? P.S. This model is skinned using the Physique modifier.

      EDIT: I've just merged in a completely different model and got the same thing - left side okay, right side garbled. Surely this can't be an uncommon problem? If anyone has any insight at all I'd love to hear it, since I'm on a really tight schedule...