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    Is there a way to create a video that is 1080x1920?


      I have a project that will need to be displayed on a portrait monitor. I have elements 12.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What are the properties of the source media that you intend to bring into this project? Photos what pixel dimensions, video shot holding camera to give you a portrait look or the normal video landscape view??


          What adjusts, if any, does the portrait monitor allow for?


          I will think about this in the morning.


          More later.



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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            As PrE only allows for more traditional Video formats, and all in horizontal/landscape orientation, I know of no way to setup a vertical/portrait Project. PrPro does allow for almost total customization, and can be set up to vertical/portrait, i.e. 1080 x 1920. This thread covers a bit of that: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1334680?tstart=60 Note that it refers to PrPro (not PrElements), and the OP also wants to Import rotated/portrait footage, edit it in horizontal/landscape, then output to vertical/portrait - so not exactly what you are asking for.


            Now, one might be able to create a traditional horizontal/landscape Project, then hack the Project's PREL file, which is but XML code, but I have never tried doing that, and have not read of it being done. However, in theory, it should be possible, but I do not know what the results would be. Perhaps ATR will have some thoughts on doing the Project hacking, and then outputting to a vertical/portrait file?


            Good luck,