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    Transparent Brush?

    envywithlove Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I know that there is a feature in Photoshop cs6 which will change your brush into a tool that affects the opacity of the layer it is used on.

      That is to say, if layer 1 was all blue and layer 2 was all green, using this brush tool on just one small spot on layer two would make that spot transparent, revealing the blue layer 1 underneath.


      I would like to know - what is this tool called, and how may I access it?


      Please do not confuse this with brush opacity, which is affecting the opacity of the image drawn by the brush. I am looking for a tool which affects the transparency of the layer it is draw onto. I am sure this feature exists, as my university tutor has used it, but I had forgotton how to access it.


      Thank you in advance