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    Why in the hell is Adobe forcing me to install Mcafee???


      As if it were not enough to receive constant flash player updates anouncements, the last one came with a surprise. This time Adobe didn't allow me to choose whether to install mcafee or not (btw shame on you Adobe for making me to have to uncheck that box every time). A pop up window shown up with the download status of both Flash player update and mcafee, and installed it without asking. Why should I have to loose my time having to uninstall mcafee? Why should I have to loose my time having to uncheck that box every other time? How do I know Mcafee has not left anything in my computer after uninstall? I have my own antivirus, so please, just stop annoying your users with that kind of annoying behaviour.


      PS: I don't install anything automatically before checking how it was for other users, so save your advices on enable updates automatically.