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    Cineware much slower than Cineware 4D

    OzzyofLA Level 1

      I hope this is a me thing, and I'm just being stupid.


      I've got a file that is using the Standard renderer in Cinema 4D, and will render an entire frame in 1 minute.


      When I jump over to After Effects' Cineware, using the same settings (or so I think), the same frame render takes 5 minutes. I've got a few of the Cineware layers, allowing for Depth Pass and Object Buffer, as well as RGB.


      Still, upon AE render (Standard - Final), I see multiple spikes in my CPU, each one lasting amost 2 minutes. There are 3-4 of those, making each AE render soooo long.


      It seems like AE is rerendering for each instance of a layer. Is that possible/necessary? What needs to happen for AE to render in one minute, instead of 5?


      Thanks guys!



      OSX 10.8.4

      12 core Xeon (24 threads)

      GTX 580 3GB

      64 GB RAM

      AE CC (latest version)

      Cinema 4D Studio R14