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    re compile

      I have been searching for a simple answer to a simple question. I want to re-build my application, but Flex Builder displays the previous application even if I take out a user control such as a button. I run my application and the button is still there. I have tried to copy the application into a new one but get an error "html not found" .... How can you make changes when you only see the first results.
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          greenhippo Level 1
          Try the following,

          I know you probably have already done this, but make sure you are running the correct files

          Make sure you save the file after you alter it, it will only recompile automatically after a save (if its unsaved there should be an * in the tab of hte unsaved file)

          In the menu bar go to Project and make sure 'Build Atomatically' is checked.

          Go to the Project menu again and click on clean, this should remove all the output files and recreate them.

          If that still doesnt fix it then its probably eclipse jerking you around try making a new project and copy stuff over slowly
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            billiebunny Level 1
            Thanks I forgot about 'clean' ... that worked... thanks it makes me so happy!!!