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    Placement of vertical watermark

    kc@dafolo.dk Level 1

      I have a simple question that has to do with placements of watermarks.


      In my DDX I add a Watermark to my result node like this:

      <PDF result="OutputPDF" return="true">
                          <Watermark  verticalAnchor="Bottom" rotation="90">
                                    <StyledText font-family="'Calibri'" font-size="12pt" color="green">
                                              <p>Watermark Text...here comes a much longer text than usual</p>
        <PDF source="Section1">

      Looks great, but when the "Watermark text" get longer it grows out of the bottom of the page. It seems as if the Watermark text is "centered" and grows "both ways" so to say. How can I avoid this, I want to Watermark text to grow only upwards,


      Said in another way, I need the Watermark text to have a fixed/absolute point of beginning. See picture below for further explanation of my issue...




      I hope some of you out there have had the same issue as me and perhaps have an idea at how to solve it - or that you can tell me whether it is a bug or not.



      Kim Christensen

      Dafolo A/S


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          vshanker Level 1

          try to use " verticalOffset" and " horizontalOffset" attributes.


          PS: these can accept -ve as well +ve value.


          <DDX xmlns="http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/">



              <PDF result="outDoc">



                  <PDF source="doc1">


                              <Watermark  verticalAnchor="Bottom" rotation="90" verticalOffset="6.5in" horizontalOffset="-2.5in">

                                        <StyledText font-family="'Calibri'" font-size="12pt" color="green" >

                                                  <p>Watermark Text...here comes a much longer text than usual</p>









          Hope this helps here.

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            yvindevogel Level 2

            Kim, contact me in mail.  I will try to solve this for you.  Unless you got it solved already.