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    InDesign TextFrame bug? TextFrame.fit.FRAME_TO_CONTENT

    richardhauck Level 1

      Hi everybody


      I'm currently working on a InDesign PlugIn an got a different behviour with scripting and doing the same thing with the menues. I'm using FlashBuilder 4.6, ExtensionBuilder 2 on Windows7:


      I got a TextFrame with 2 images as figures sitting in the box - the box width is set so each image is sitting in one line - there ar no returns between the images, the textflow makes them sitting in two lines. The TextFrame height is higher as the hight of both images together


      When using this code to Fit a TextFrame to its content:




      the Textframe changes the width and both images ar sitting in one line, the TextFrame is as wide as both images and as hight as the taller image.


      When I take the same Textframe and right click with the mouse -> fitting -> Fit Frame to Content

      The TextFrame width stays as it was before and the hight fits to the height of the 2 images. -> That's the behavior i would expect with the codeline above too, but it behaves differently.


      Any chance to get the behavior with code too? I'm kind of stuck there

      Thanks for any help

      best Richard