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    Publish Composition File Structure


      I have 3 compositions in 1 page.  I need to control and access functions inside the compositions from javascript that sits in the main page - i.e. not within the scope of the composition.


      If I insert the compositions to my page using the Object ( publish .oam) method in Dreamweaver I have a nice clean file structure but by using <object> I can't figure out how to call the functions etc. within each composition or from within the composition to javascript loaded in the containing page.


      If I use the 'Web/Optimised HTML' option when publishing and then cut and paste the Stage DIV etc. to my file then I can control the composition etc. but I have to have all the includes and .js files in the same directory as my page which I find is really messy.


      So, is there a simple way to publish as 'Web/Optimised HTML', placing all the edge files in a subdirectory but call it from another (root) file/folder?