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    Can't update/change Branding

    MichaelD443 Level 1

      v. Adobe Video Presenter

      Changed branding theme to custom and start was checked. Now I have custom branding at the start but not at the end. I cannot check or uncheck any branding item (for the themes). I want to add the same branding to the end that I used for the beginning. How do I do it?




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          MichaelD443 Level 1

          Is there a Presenter expert that can help? I cannot change the custom branding. I have updated that mp4 to reduce the volume but I cannot get Presenter to recogize the new mp4. As before, I cannot change any checkbox on branding. I can change the theme from custom to any other theme but each goes to the start and not the ending. Also, if I go back to custom, I cannot change the custom; it automatically chooses the same custom and will not change.


          Any help is appreciated. If there is an bug fix that I can download and install, please let me know. Thanks.



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            MichaelD443 Level 1

            Found a previous post from Vikram (that I had not seen before). Thank you, Vikram.

            Here is the suggested solution:

            There is workaround to get ride of your issue. Close Video Creator. Delete preferences.xml file from this location -> C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Presenter Video Creator 8.1\


            It was hard to find the file, it did not appear in the path Vikram suggested. I did not notice the issue of why the file path did not work. Instead of "Presenter Video Creator 8.1" I needed to find "Presenter Video Creator 8.0" and when I made the change in file path, I was able to find the preferences file.


            After deleting the preferences file, I ended up with the same problem: set a custom branding theme for the start and there is no way to add the same or any other branding theme to the end (unless you use one of the supplied themes).


            Here is what worked (in the end): If you want a custom branding theme, it is necessary to select the ending theme first and then you can change/add the starting theme. If you choose the starting theme first, you will not be able to select a theme for the end. Another way to say it is this: If you want a custom branding theme at the end and at the beginning, you must select the ending theme first and then the starting theme.


            If you select a custom theme for branding, you will not be able to change the theme to a different custom theme unless you delete the preferences file. You will be able to change from custom theme to one of the supplied themes but not be able to change the custom theme used (when you go back to custom it will use the custom theme you originally selected and you will not be able to change check boxes or change the custom theme). You will have to delete the preferences file to change custom themes whether for the starting or ending theme.



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              flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              Using Presenter, I'm having no problem inserting the begining and ending videos.


              The only thing I had to ensure was that the video is the right resolution. 1280 X 720 for HD capture and 640 X 360 for SD capture. If the MP4 is at a different resolution, Presenter will throw an error and not import the video.

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