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    The document screen flashes black!




      My company bought the photoshop CC for my work and my notebook, where the photoshop was installed, have Windows 8.

      The problem is: when I go to move some element in the document (Ctrl+T), make a selection or move the document (Space+Click) the screen flashes black, and sometimes it turns black and don't go back until I move the document.


      Imagine the situation, when I'm going to move a layer to some part of the document the screen keeps flashing black until I finish it.

      It's extremely annoying!


      The difference is, in the Windows 7 it doesn't happen at all, the photoshop runs beautifully. It just happens in Windows 8.


      Is there any way to fix it? This is a problem that only Adobe can fix?

      Someone help mee!! It's screwing with my workflow!


      Notebook specs:

      Windows 8

      Intel I5 3230M

      6gb RAM

      500GB HD