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    3D cast member access

      hi all,

      i want to exchange 3d model data with a director app and a 3rd party application at runtime.

      because the data must go both ways and happen in the background, i was planning on doing the interop in a script xtra.
      for what its worth, my 3rd party app can support either 3ds or obj format -but i think this is irrelevant since i know of no converters that can
      be used at runtime
      convert both ways between 3ds/obj & w3d

      if anyone knows otherwise then pls advise..

      ok. so i know i've got runtime access to 3d cast members through lingo, so worst case, i can use lingo to marshal the model data between my xtra and the 3d cast member

      but perhaps there's a more direct way via a 3d cast member XTRA interface? -have trawled thro the extensive (not!) Director xdk documentation and also googled for one but found nothing so far.

      or maybe i'm better off simply doing the whole thing in lingo -surely not?

      any ideas/insights would be greatfully appreciated