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    Trouble with text wrap

    bfcreativenyc1 Level 1

      Hi, I am working on a document and am having trouble with text wrap. I can't seem to ever get an equal amount of space on the left side and bottom of the image (which are the only sides I want it) without it being either too small on one side or too large on another. What might I be doing wrong?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Text wrap on left and right cuts off on the side bearing for the glyphs (essentially the amount of space the designer has built into the width of the character beyond what is actually the type -- the space between characters is the sum of the side bearings). Top and bottom cut off at the leading slug, which is likely to be very different, and the amount of space will vary both with the font (how far the ascenders and descneders project above or below the baseline and bow much top or bottom bearing is built in, along with the leading value applied.