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    Form not loading

    Val Mukuna

      Receiving this error 'Acrobat.com could not contact the server to complete your action.' Tried several browsers, plus Formscentral desktop app. What could the problem be?

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          You are obviously able to access the internet in general and are only having trouble with FormsCentral I presume. 


          Are you behind a firewall, inside of a company or are you working from a public wireless hotspot?  Have you used FormsCentral through this same internet connection before? 


          Describe to me the workflow a little more, were you able to sign into FormsCentral on each browser and in the Desktop application and just get this error when you try to open a form?  If so do you have multiple forms and does this happen with each one?  Can you post a screen shot of the error message?  I am fairly sure of which you are seeing but want to see it to know for sure.


          If the issue is when you try to sign in, are you able to sign into any other Acrobat.com services such as https://www.acrobat.com/main/en/home.html


          Also, you might try clearing the cache in one of the browsers and restarting the browser before accessing FormsCentral. 


          The error can happen if internet connection is down or intermittant but from multiple browsers and desktop application when you do have working internet is strange, I'll work with you to find out what is going on.




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            Val Mukuna Level 1

            Hi Josh,


            Thanks for quickly getting back to me. I’m having a problem with loading only this particular form. I can sign into Formscentral ok, and can load all the other files (under 130 responses). Interestingly, the link to filling in this particular form works fine:



            But the link to the responses (all 790 of them!) link won’t load on my end:



            Please try the link and let me know if it works on your end. This is the error I receive when I try to load the form.



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              Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



              Just to note that we've worked with the customer offline and this is now resolved.  If you're coming to this post because you have a similar issue please add a comment here or add a new post/question and we'll follow up with you.