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    help with custom calculation/check boxes




      I'm trying to tie checkboxes to an aggregate point total as follows:


      Question1 []Yes []No

      Question2 []Yes []No

      1 point if either "Yes" is selected. (Max of 1 point only)


      Question3 []Yes []No

      Question4 []Yes []No

      2 points total for each "Yes". (Max of 4 points)


      I've set each checkbox to an export value of 1.

      I have a tally box "box2"


      // first section questions
      // set vars
      var points = this.getField("YesOne").value + this.getField("YesTwo").value;
      // if then
      if ((points > 0)) {this.getField("box2").value = 1} 
      else {this.getField("box2").value = 0};


      I've gotten stuck on the first part, as It's not working as I stated above, any help would be appreciated.


      I'm trying to post the actual PDF, but I can't find a way to put it into this posting...