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    Polite Preloader not being very polite

    rillani Level 1

      I'm making an animated comic with Edge Animate.  Each comic page is a relatively large Edge project (3-7 meg .oam) with lots of png images.  I have a preloader that is a static poster image of the project with a "loading" gif on top.


      I want my project and its many images to appear all at once when the preloader is done.  But right now it only makes images visible one-by-one.  It usually starts on the lowest layer of each symbol and works its way up.  It's an ugly mess.


      I've set the preloader to be polite, but that doesn't seem to make a difference.  The problem happens in Chrome and Safari, and across devices.  It's usually much better on the second load, once the images are cached, but still not perfect.  What am I missing?


      You can see for yourself here: http://nwain.com/

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          robboerman Level 4

          they are loading polite for me..

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            rillani Level 1

            Thanks.  What sort of device are you using?  I've noticed it's worse on the iphone and ipad than on the desktop.

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              robboerman Level 4

              ow im using pc, chrome browser

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                Zaxist Level 4

                i cant see your project at all, i have 2Mb/s internet connection but it seems takes forever for me !!


                also i test it in desktop platform with chrome browser...


                its better for you to add a percentage loader in it so user can see where is it !!


                i also get erro on chrome that drop the connection and then your file will not load


                in this file : edge-wordpress.js


                i have two advice for you :


                First : you can use gzip on this huge project, this will help you to reduce your project size !!


                Second : Merge your Chapters (projects)

                i think the mess part of your project is this part that user should go to a seperate page to see the next chapter, you can make all chapers happen in one project and then user can change chapters inside the project and i think this way is more better, cause users will not get loading for every chapter then


                i can help you on this if you want



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                  Kinda stating the obvious but u should look into the images themselves, if your using photoshop, save for web and if it doesnt need transparency always use jpg. Size also matters, I can't tell but if it took that long to load, scale the sizes to what you actually need verses huge photos you scale down, when im talking size i mean pixel size...

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                    rillani Level 1

                    Thanks, Zaxist and DDcreams. 


                    Zaxist:  Ultimately, I want to use a better CMS than wordpress, but I need to learn more before I make that jump.


                    The webcomic will be updated with new pages every month.  I'm not sure merging all pages into one project would work best.  Would I have to upload the entire project again every month, just to add a couple pages?  The project would get huge.



                    DDcreams: The images themselves are usually small, but they could certainly be smaller.  The problem may also be that there are so many image files.  Each page has 20-50 pngs and a few jpgs.


                    I want to use sprite sheets, but I need a way to import them efficiently.  The method described in this tutorial ( http://layersmagazine.com/spritesheets-in-adobe-edge-animate.html ) is just not going to work.  I have hundreds of frames of animation in total.  It would take forever to clip them all by hand.  I need a tool for that.

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                      DDcreams Level 1

                      I have one of two things i would do, either move the comic to YouTube, Video is FARRRR more effective and efficient means for what you want IMHO. OR you can practice drawing stuff with CSS shapes, I.E www.dd-c.us.


                      I have done sprite-sheets in C++,C#,Java,JavaScript and several other languages, i have done allllot of game programming in general, if its one thing i can tell you is... if you know what your doing I.E how to program, its not a bad solution.


                      Otherwise its a time consuming process making every sheet ( sizing aligning, etc, and even then... your still using images which from an programming prospective is a last resort thing.


                      Don't ignore my advice on video, you can use short clips to simulate a Comic and link in a menu like i have done in:




                      Understand from a numbers perspective H264 is AMAZING at compression, you could have all the content you want, you just need to learn basic premiere or whatever u fancy if u go that route. Make one video and compare sizes of a folder of images and a whole video (H264 compression) with all of them exactly how you want....

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                        rillani Level 1

                        DDcreams:  Thanks for mentioning video!  I tried H264 and that made some small-sized clips.  Even better, I found that gifs are nearly half the size of the H264 mp4s (47kb .gif versus 90kb .mp4).  Most of my animations are very small, very short and can use 64 colors.


                        Your Youtube technique looks useful, but it's not exactly what I'm going for.  I want finer control over interactivty, so the user can control each symbol separately.


                        Here's a version of a page with gifs instead of png sequences: http://nwain.com/?webcomic4=page-7-gif-test


                        It loads a lot faster.  The gifs are about 250kb, while the pngs were over 2800kb.  It also appears to have solved the preloader problem I was having.


                        This is good news.  I can use whatever animation program I want to make the videos.

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                          Zaxist Level 4

                          Well rillani


                          the idea of merging all page in one project is very good, and for update you just need to upload 3 js files with new images files every month and that is better...


                          but i need to know about your project, is it unlimited project ? i mean maybe it gets 400 pages or more at the end ?


                          if it is, you can use edge commons to make every page seperately but working together in one project, this way visual is same .. also every page can have loading, its very simple and easy

                          look this sample http://edgedocks.com/edgecommons goto Composition Loader section


                          also if you needed any help you can count on me



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                            Zaxist Level 4

                            also i forgot to say that, if you can use iframe inside wordpress you dont need anything, just iframe your project's index file...


                            and i sent you a private message



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                              DDcreams Level 1

                              Its all good, I realize video isn't the perfect medium, but I only mentioned it due to ease of production, video is very easy to do and make VS most other forms, and that i figured you would like to do a lot of animations...


                              There are many drawbacks to going gif based, not the least of which is some oddity's with the transparency and a very limited color spectrum, gif is what you used..... back in the day when you wanted to make something move, it is still in use and useful for certain things but just understand the drawbacks..., however it may be what you want due to the ability to animate in them and they are super small..