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    Edge Animate issues in mobile and tablet devices

    micjap Level 1

      I am brand new to Edge Animate, have watched several tutorials and have done research on my problem but haven't found the answer to my problem. 


      I opened an HTML (5) page in Edge Animate, and animated two items on the page.  I created a fade in for the name in the header, and I created a text slide in with some header text in the main content on the page.  The text slide in starts at 0 opacity and 20% size off page, then as it slides in it grows to full size and reaches 100% opacity.  The page (created and maintained in Dreamweaver CC) is centered in the browser window.


      Everything work great in all the browsers on a regular PC.  (I have tested on pc in Safari, and it seems to be fine there too.)  The only issues occur when viewed on an iphone 4s, ipad, (both of which have the latest version of ios) and on a kindle fire.


      On all of the above listed devices, the page starts full size, then becomes smaller, (following the 20% setting maybe???).  The name fades in fine, and once the text slides in (starting small as desired and gaining size and opacity) and completes, then the page comes up to full size.  BUT, it doesn't center the page in the browser.  I tried loading the page both in safari and on google chrome on the ipad.


      I don't know if I missed a setting in the export, or if there is something I have done wrong in the creation of the animation?  I've tried different settings, and now I am hoping to get some advice from this community.  Thank you in advance.


      If you would like to see the page, please go here demo page


      All suggestions are appreciated. 


      Thank you!

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          micjap Level 1

          Don't mean to confuse anybody, but I had to take the animation off for the moment, so the link won't show the problem right now. 


          The additional issue I am having (and why I had to remove the animation) is that if I follow the basic instructions in the lynda.com videos for opening an existing html page in edge animate and then animating elements on the page, then save and publish...edge animate creates a separate "publish" file in my root folder and I get all new copies of ALL of my web pages (not just the index page), and if I change anything on the page in my root folder, I lose all the animations created on the page.  I also lost my navigation.


          I have tried to find something in the tutorials on the correct way to save the existing html page, but they all show you how to animate the elements, but not how and where to save the EA assets and all so that everything still works properly.

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            I have very similar issues and also only on iPone 4s and iPad 2(i do not have newer models or macs)


            My animations stops and start flashing, for ever.


            After many tests, I discover that if I zoom the screern to get bigger fonts the animation continues, if I zoom out the animation stops again, and so on.


            It seems we are alone here, good luck.




            The animation works fine in any PC explorer.

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              micjap Level 1

              Hopefully we will find someone with some idea of what is happening.  Fairly new program, I guess.


              My larger issue by far at this point is figuring out how I am supposed to be saving the project (existing html work) so that it stays in the page if I make changes to the page in dreamweaver.  I have watched every tutorial I can find on opening an existing html page in AE, animating a couple of elements on the page (which is very cool that we can do that!), and the odd thing is all the tutorials take you through the opening and animating, but then they don't say, "to save the project in your site folder....it just ends with animate and viola!!


              So I create the animations, save the project--which places a "publish" folder in my site root folder and when I look in the publish folder, Animate has created duplicate html pages of ALL my pages, not just the one I animated, and they are all in the "publish" folder.  If I publish the site, the animations work (but my navigation no longer does because, I believe, it is using the publish folder not the site root folder) until I make a change in Dreamweaver CC to the page I animated.  Then the animations no longer work!


              I'm obviously not saving or publishing the project correctly, but for the life of me, I have not been able to find the RIGHT way to save an existing html page in an existing site root folder...


              Thanks for the response...good luck!

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                CindyJones-Hulfachor Level 1

                Thought I would post issue. I have an edge animate project that includes several layouts, one for mobile. All work fine except the animation for mobile stops mid-animation then flashes in Google Chrome.

                The project has steps, click to play next point on timeline and they work.

                Mobile version works in Safari and desktop browers. I have a 4S phone. I can't post link to project because I can't release it until Sunday. Posting as a FYI, maybe someone else is having issues.

                Tested project on Iphone 5 at work in Google Chrome and animation works.


                Cindy J-H

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                  DDcreams Level 1

                  Yes I have run into many mobile issues, even though there are many mobile centric features within Edge.....but to my knowledge they still don't "officially" support mobile and I suspect that is more an issue of mobile browser security hindering the code and the mobile software not keeping pace.


                  Just give it time...


                  There are workarounds tho..

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                    elainecc Adobe Employee

                    The publishing-all-the-files thing should not happen; that's a bug.  I'll look into that.





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                      elainecc Adobe Employee

                      Hi, all-


                      Just to clarify, we do test and support output on mobile devices.  A lot of the newer devices do work fine as long as you optimize the images.  I'll look at some of the other questions in this thread.





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                        elainecc Adobe Employee

                        Hi, Cindy-


                        I'm a little confused by this description.  Are you talking specifically about it not working on Chrome on the 4S but working just fine on the iPhone 5?  If so, I'd first check to make sure you have the same version of Chrome installed on the devices.